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Celeste Menu | Celeste Restaurant Full Menu - Chinese, Thai, Lebanese

Celeste Menu | Celeste Restaurant Full Menu - Chinese, Thai, Lebanese

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Celeste Bar

Celeste Frappe



Celeste's special chilled frappe

Frappe Alaska 175
Fruit puree mixed with an espresso shot and poured over shaved ice

Frappuccino 175
Espresso and vanilla ice cream blended with milk, topped with sweetened whipped cream

Frozen Hot Chocolate 165
Made from cocoa powder, milk and sugar blended with ice for chocolate lovers.

Rafello 185
Chocolate, Vanilla and Coconut mixed with an espresso shot served in ice

Ice Caramel Latte 195
Coffee blended with caramel sauce, milk and ice topped with whipped cream

Divinity Cocoa 175
A special chilled espresso made with chocolate, vanilla ice cream and mint garnished with whipped cream

Iced Tea 165
Iced tea on the rocks with any one of the following flavors' for your choice:
Raspberrry | Mango | Lemon | Passion Fruit | Peach


Espresso (Single) 95
(Double) 155
Blend of 100% Arabic coffee beans from Brazil and Italy with a lingering flavor and a thick velvety cream.

Flavored Espresso (Single) 135
(Double) 225
A full bodied cofee blend with a set flaor and a thick lingering cream in any one of the following flavors:

Irish Cream | Hazenut | Caramel | French Vanilla | Butter Scotch

Americano 105
Caffe Americano is a style of cofee prepared by adding hot water to espresso server separately with steamed milk.

Cappuccino 145
An italian cofee made from espresso and milk with a thick from topped with cinamon powder.
10% espresso + 70% Steamed Milk + 20% Milk Froth

Flavored Cappuccino 175
Flavored syrups typically added to milk based cappuccino
Caramel | White Chocolate | Vanilla | Butter Scotch | Irish Cream

Caffe Mohaccino 175
Coffee beans steamed with chocolate and cocoa powder

Hot Chocolate 185

Macchiato 135
A shot of epresso with a dollop of foam

Caffe Latte 145
A shot of espresso coffee with a healthy covering of hot steamed milk

Flavored Latte 175
A Choice of your favorite latte with different gourmet flavors
Vanilla | Hazelnut | Irish Cream | Butter Scotch | Almond

Black Tea 65
Regular Black tea served with steamed milk

Green Tea 75
All time favorite green tea served with fresh lemon slice

Flavored Tea 85
Tea with your choice from any one of the following flavors:
Peach | Banana | Lemon

Celeste Mocktails

Celeste fantasy 225
Pineapple juice, coconut cream and blue berries blended together

Cookies 'N' Cream 195
A light creamy drink made with imported cookies and vanilla ice cream

Blood Drip 175
A blood orange flavored drink with a splash of soda, served on the rocks

Pina Colada 185

All time favorite drink made with coconut powder, cream and pineapple juice

Angel Mist 180
A combination of orange and guava juice blended with crushed ice

Holiday Swing 185
A sparking soda drink blended with raspberries, vanilla and lemon juice

Cider Bubbly 195
An elegant mocktail made with caramel and sparkling apple cider.

Red Velvet 175
The battle of the reds, grape juice and cranberry juice.

Peach Haze 185
Its a combination of peach pulp and pineapple juice blended with ice.

Berry Neval 185
Frozen Strawberry mixed with pineapple juice, blended with crushed ice.

Nana Pine 165
Fresh Banana and pineapple juice blended with ice cubes

Seasonal Daiduri 155
Any seasonal fruit, pineapple juice and sugar, blended with crushed ice

Chocolate chip 190
Rich French Chocolate chip cookies, milk chocolate ice crea, blended with ice cubes.

Sherly Temple 190
Strawberry Puree, milk and strawberry ice cream blended with crushed ice.

Berry Berry Shoot 190
Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry ice cream blended with ice cubes.

Seasonal Fruit Smoothie 190
Any seasonal fruit mixed with vanilla ice cream and a cup of crushed ice.

Cool Mint 185
Made with fresh mint leaves and sour lemon juice blended with ice cubes

London Fog 185
Fresh Lemon juice, soda, margarita syrup blended with crushed ice.

Pink Marry 185
Strawberry syrup, lime slice, margarita syrup blended with crushed ice.

Blue Crosso 185
Small blueberries, fresh lime juice blended with crushed ice.

Mellow Yellow 185
Peach slice, margarita syrup and lemon juice blended with crushed ice.

Sharp Shooter 185
Bloody orange juice, fresh lime and margarita syrup blended with crushed ice.

Tango Chiller 175
Home made lemonade, lime juice and mango on the rocks.

Suday Funday 175
Home made lemonade with orange juice on the rocks.

Watermelon 175
All time favorite lemonade mixed with watermelon on the rocks.

Soft Drink Corner

Coke 70
Sprite 70
Fanta 70
Diet Coke 75
Sprite Zero 75
Pepsi 70
7UP 70
Mirinda 70
Diet Pepsi 75
Diet 7UP 75
Fresh Lime 80
Mineral Water (Large) 75
Mineral Water (Small) 45
Beer (Non-Alcoholic) 145
Red Bull 195
Ginger Ale 135

Sea Food Menu


Chainese Tail Prawns 685
Mongolian Spicy Finger Fish 495
Chinese BUtterfly Prawns 590
Lebanese Panko Prawns 510


Creamy sea Food Chowder 170
Three Delicacy Soup 220
Tom Yum goong 190
Thai prawn soup seasoned with hot pepper, lemon grass and kaffir leaves.
Tom Kha Goong 210
Thai prawn soup with coconut milk flavored with lemon grass and kaffir leaves.

Main Dishes

Deep Sea
Italian pan fried prawns in peanut oil and tomato pesto served with butter rice 710

UK's Traditional fish and chips served with coleslaw 620
Celeste special sea food pasta 550
Fried fish burger served with French fries and coleslaw 350
Lebanese grilled bekti fish with lemon butter sauce served with Lebanese rice. 920
Italian grilled fish manure steak 830
Maryland friend fish steak 780
Florentine fish steak 850
Fish Fillet with Mushrooms sauce 1050
Baked fish with mashed potatoes 1020
Cantonese sweet and Sour fish served with chinese rice 620

Chinese hot and sour fish served with chinese rice 610
Thai Pla Sam Ros 550
Deep fried fish fillet topped with tamarind sauce served with Thai rice

Thai fish Chilli Dry served with Thai rice 630
Samak Mashawi 520
Lebanese style marinated charcoal grilled bekti fish, served with Lebanese sauces, sauteed veggies and Lebanese rice.

Thai Pla Preaw Wan 710
Deep Fried fish with sliced capsicum, tomatoes and onions cooked in sweet and sour Thai sauce served with Thai rice

Mughlai Fish Taka Tac Tawa Masala 750
Served with mint sauce and roghni naan.

Mughlai Prawn Taka Tac Tawa Masala 850
Served with mint sauce and roghni naan.

Jheenga Masala 680
Served with mint sauce and roghni naan.

Tandoori Fish 780
Served with mint sauce and roghni naan.

Prawn green Curry 650
Served with garlic rice

Tawa Fish 720
Served with mint sauce and roghni naan.

Stir Fried Prawns with cashew nuts, onions and black mushrooms 740
served with Thai rice

Stir Fried Prawns with garlic pepper 730
served with Thai Rice

Deep Fried Prawns and Tamarind Flavors 740
Served with Thai Rice

Mongolian Prawns 685
Served with Chinese Rice

Italian Lobster Thermidor 1750
with Fresh Mushrooms, garlic, ginger cooked in brown Italian sauce, topped with cheddar cheese and served with butter rice

Thai Lobster with garlic and thick chilli sauce served with Thai Rice 1780

Mongolian Lobster with ginger and garlic, glazed and slimmered with vinegar and chilli sauce, served with chinese rice 1625

Mongolian Lobster with honey and chilli 1750
Served with Chinese Rice

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